MKMMA Week 22 and 22a

It was so great to hear from Mark Bonner who learned this information ten years ago and shared with us that we must live the consequences of our habits which is one of the HUGH concepts in the course.  We must become a slave to good habits if we plan for success in anything, like reading Og’s Scrolls 3x a day.   He also added that we must learn Unconscious Competence through our good habits and that “we don’t know what we don’t know.”  That reminds me of kids or uninformed adults arguing with you about something they have no knowledge of or experience with and constantly asking “WHY” they must learn or do something that interferes with them, texting with friends on their phones.

We also heard from Justin Leader from South Philly who was Mark and Davene’s inspiration for their contributions to the preservation of the Monarch Butterfly.

When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.  

Change the world within and we Change the world without.

My Blueprint helps create a new reality and gives me permission to let things be easy for me.

(Week 21, the ringing in my ears.)

I hear from others that we tend to become conservative and become risk adverse as we get older, if we haven’t always been fearful and played it safe.  It is very easy to choose comfort rather perceived risk and I can attest to risk of any loss becoming less appealing as you age.  Opting instead for conserving your resources for the future because there are few things worse than being old and broke, unless you add to that, alone, sick, etc.  You get the picture.

I’ve also heard that youth is wasted on the young for that is when you are healthy and energetic and the time to take risks, stretch, be adventurous, yet most people remain in their comfort zone, play it safe, watch from the side lines and call you lucky, but can you reach your goals with a timid approach to life?

We can follow our bliss by giving our gifts, by doing what we love and welcoming the obstacles that we must confront along the way in order to have an authentic connection to our source, other people and everything in the universe.  We learn to do this through our sits.  Meditation and Silence develops learning to awaken and express the potential power of the world within. “Be still and know that I am God.”

MKMMA Week 21

I am natures Greatest miracle!  We all are, right, so why do I occasionally dwell on feelings of Guilt, Anger, Hurt Feelings, Fear and Unworthiness?   In the past I would have to use my will power to alter my negative feelings and get myself out of a mental funk.  Thanks to The Fabulous Davene and Mark, I have learned to use The Law of Dual Thought and attach different feelings to a negative thoughts.  What a time saver and a true revelation this one concept is, that I am sharing with others.  Think of all the teens and young adults who could avoid the time and expense of their counseling sessions in order to relive all the negative experiences in their lives.  Not to mention the times I acted immature and stupid because I felt angry, fearful or had my feelings hurt by someone.  Now I use this new found tool  every day.  For years I have been irritated, mad and PO’d because of a constant ringing in my ears from my years of flying in big noisy air planes while in the Air Force, now I use it as a reminder of the many things I have to be grateful for and also to remind me of my new goals of helping others, live their dreams.  To say this is a life changing lesson is an understatement, isn’t it?

I have also enjoyed continuing with the Franklin Makeover chart and combining it with Wooten’s Pyramid is making a good thing, Great.  I love that I have a simple yet very positive and useful trait to concentrate on every day.

If Einstein could see everything as a miracle, it is a concept worth looking into.  Oh, once again the MKMMA offers us scientific evidence that overwhelmingly shows the miracles of the universe and everything in it.  The trillions of cells and atoms in our bodies alone, that we are mostly nothing and that most of what everything is made of is an illusion, is a miracle that we live with every day.

I, the real me, The Spiritual Me wants to live in harmonious LOVE.  Yet, my Monkey Mind (the constant chatter in my head) is making up stuff all the time to distract us from being who we are and what we are intended to do.  Not to mention the Political, National and World News, Advertising and TV/ Radio/ Internet Programming we are constantly exposed to.  This “Free Will” thing isn’t as easy as I would like it to be.  Maybe that is why so much of humanity is just acting crazy.

Yes, these lessons are important and everyone should have an opportunity to learn them and become a work of Art because we are all connected by our… heART and for as long as we live together on eARTh.

MKMMA Week 20

Can you believe how much content Mark and the Fabulous Davene are giving us each week and that each is better than the last?  I can’t either!  Sometimes life gets in the way and I have postponed my blogging but I am still excited and look forward to each weeks work and assignments.  I am a little nervous about continuing the last four scrolls “alone” after March but I know that I will complete them as I promised to do.  We have been given all the tools and the strategy to “get er done.”  My biggest handicap when I began this journey was the bad habit of not being persistent because I failed to keep my promises to myself in the past.  I am proud to tell you that I have turned that around and now feel guilty when I delay my daily work and assignments.

I love, love, love the Pyramid of Success Progression and used to teach a variation of it to teen age students who had misbehaved in school, usually because they were lacking in social and character skills.  I taught them values such as Community, Honor, Respect, Resourcefulness, Adaptability and others including Gambier, (my spelling may be off) a Japanese word meaning, to never, never, never, ever give up and You Will get it done.  All these years later I occasionally hear from one or another of those students who will tell me how much those lessons helped them then and now that they are adults.

I am excited to use the Pyramid in the same way we used the Franklin Makeover words and concentrate on one at a time and then begin to stack them until they are all habits for me.  Since concentration is the hardest work we can do and when I combine it with thinking about my plan, I will have produced and refined a careful plan of action.  After my consultation with Mark, and the others online during the Go 90 Grow workshop last month, I’m pretty much there, already.  A fox will never achieve the type of success that I want, I must focus intently on one thing, like the hedgehog.  My “A” goal is Recruiting and that is where I spend 95% of my working time.

I am so very glad that I am blessed to be healthy and abundantly happy and totally grateful for everything that I am and have because as I laid out my lifeline, I very graphically saw that I don’t have much time to complete the things I still want to get done.

BIRTH—————————————-NOW———–DEATH AT 90

Yes, I have lived the life that I have chosen for myself, most of it filled with liberty, autonomy, comfort, creativity, and love so it would be immature and embarrassing for me to complain.

If you’ve read my previous posts, you will notice that I still have a firm grip on that damn banana, because I am claiming to be doing so well but there are MANY things I still really want to get done.

MKMMA Week 19

I can tell everyone that I have improved my confidence and public speaking and so can you.

A far cry from when I was in middle school.  I had written the best book report in school and the second place winner and I was driven to the biggest medical school in our state to present my report to the faculty.  Of course I had many reasons for thinking I was out of my element and I mentally BLANKED OUT.  My 20 minute report was over in about 3 minutes and I don’t think I followed my outline at all.  I did not remember speaking, my head was buzzing and I thought I was going to pass out.  I was was completely embarrassed and determined not to allow myself to relive that again, so I worked at improving my speaking and social skills.  The girl who won 2nd place went on to become a university president.  I did not address a large groups again until I was an adult so I had time to get better at it and I did.

I loved the message this week because I learned this from Tony Robbins and have been using some form of it for many years.  When I was about to speak before a large crowd I would power breath by loading up with oxygen (deep breathing) and then meditate for a couple of minutes. This worked extremely well for me and and I always felt at ease and comfortable.  And I usually begin by making the audience laugh, which puts us all at ease.

When I’ve had to submit to an interview, I tend to establish rapport with the receptionist or private secretary which has secured the position for me more than once.

I am sold on Opening your body, Power Posing, Positive Visualization and Self Talk because it all works for me.

MKMMA Week 18

I must Sell myself to Me as each of you sell yourself to You!   What a concept and it sounds like a sure thing but I find myself falling into some old habits like forgetting or being too tired to exercise for a day or two which then becomes three.  Or, on occasion skipping a read or a sit and sometimes, both.

I am apparently not yet a slave to my habits because I have not always kept my promises and when that happens I actually feel a little less able to authentically believe in myself. And then the next time I don’t keep my promise to myself it is easier, less painful and I even feel less guilty.

As I read the obituaries each day I feel very fortunate to be living MY life each day.  I have so much to be grateful for and I do not take it for granted.   I am aware of the fact that I could have easily been born without all the human comforts that I enjoy.  That is enough to make me try to be worthy of all that I have by helping others and making someone else’s life just a little bit better.  Even if Emerson’s Law  were not to compensate me eventually, it makes me feel good and I think that I am fortunate to be able to help someone else.  It’s my obligation and it gives me great pleasure to ease someones pain.

We are really getting honest now.  I know that if I’m going to live the life of a winner I MUST CONTINUE TO CHANGE SOME HABITS AND DO THE THINGS THAT MOST PEOPLE CHOOSE NOT TO DO.  Apparently I have been a Be-Do-Have type of person and kept moving the goal posts all my life.  It has always been the next achievement that was going to be the one that made me feel accomplished.  I have been so bad about this that I would not even celebrate a major accomplishment because I thought it was only a stepping stone and on to the next goal.   No More!  There will be more celebrating , fun and laughter in my future.  I went to the memorial service today for a former neighbor who died VERY suddenly and totally unexpectedly, and was several years younger than I.  Live this day as if it is your last.

I have just discovered that I have Aladdin’s Lamp and I will rub it by saying, “What would the person I intend to become, do next” and of course the plan is to do that next.  That already sounds like cause to celebrate.


Posted on February 5, 2017 · MKMMA Week 17 & 17 HJ Week 17 Oh, Oh… Big Mistake not having written my blogs when details were fresh in my mind. My focus on Kindness has been great because it has caused me to act more kindly and notice kindness everywhere I go. It has been amazing to see how others react to my kind gestures and how they attempt to return it. My heart was warmed by the number of acts of Kindness that we participated in as an Alliance. We CAN impact the world. I have tried to live in gratitude and stay somewhat humble for a number of years and feel pretty good about having done that but have also wondered if that has not held me back somewhat. Wow, did you catch that…. my subby is set in it’s ways and will use any excuse to justify, just being lazy. I love the Franklin Makeover Chart because it causes me to focus on my one character trait or Virtue that I am improving each week. It is truly amazing what we can do with a little FOCUS and becoming a slave to my new habits. We also spent time on the power of thought and how we must focus only on what we want in our lives. What we think about, comes about and we each have the power to create the things we want. Week 17 HJ I am Natures Greatest Miracle. Who knew I was a Hero already but just had not listened to the call and gone from good to better or best? I have always had the power to live in mediocrity or raving success and chose upper-middle of the road. Enough to make myself feel that I was doing better than some but not as well as I could be doing. I am really just a monkey who refuses to release the known (The Call) for the unknown because it did not conform to my old blueprint. I have always known that I had a choice but would not let go of that damn banana. It was well known, comfortable and easy for me. My memories caused a rush of peptides every time I chose not to push my boundaries. No one needed to know that I had unmet goals and unfulfilled dreams. Besides who would I be if left my acquaintances to become my own person. Talk about fear. Finally I hear the true Herald (my soul) cheering me on to move forward and be the person I can be and have meant to be my authentic self. Thanks to all of you, Mark and the Fabulous Davene, and the rest of the team, I will not quit, I can now answer the call and cross the threshold to find my higher self. I am beginning to feel a “oneness” and soon will complete things with a Happy Knack. The Aimee Mullins movie on Ted Talk was fantastic as she shared her perspective on what is normally considered living with a handicap. Thanks again for sharing and illuminating the way. Reading the obits was sad for me because most people only had the stats published: date of death and funeral location. The ones that had a lengthily overview usually written by a daughter was all about schools, teachers, degrees, profession, work locations, wives, children and thanks to the nursing home staff, who cared for them at the end of their life. Vincent, let the banana go, do something to illuminate the world.

MKMMA Week 16

I can not tell you how much I enjoyed the metaphor of the monkey and the banana, because I am a collector (better known as pack rat) and cannot let go of things, especially any reading material.  My wife and kids tell me anything I want is on the internet but I like to have a paper copy in my hands.  I know that our take away was to let go of old outdated ideas but I had an epiphany and realized that I have many things, ie: clothes, books, magazines, people, and situations that I must learn to (as I posted a couple of weeks ago) drop it, leave it, and walk away from.

Mark’s review of the NARC concept and process was not wasted on me either.  I guess that I didn’t fully grasp it the first time.  I think this may be something that will help me get going and gain momentum.  I like the Positive Reinforcement I give myself with it and I believe it will help me overcome my call reluctance.

I loved changing up the shapes and leaving one off of different sets, to force our subby to do more work, remembering what was on the missing shape.   And continuing to work on our deck of cards is getting much easier and much more fun as well.  Many of the things I have done and have to be grateful for, have not crossed my mind in decades.  Yes I believe that it is making the Herald really clear.

Yes, I have several decades of ‘stinkin’ thinkin’ so I appreciate this workshop because it is reminding my of who I am and all that I have left to do.  I have learned that I have to unlearn some old Bad habits and must learn some new Good habits because it is Habit not Knowledge that is required to get anything done.

Wow, focusing on Kindness has not just been fun but made me see that I’m a pretty darn good person.  And to become aware of the kindness of others has been a gift.

I am looking for a few people who would like to form an alliance with me and each other.       See my comments in Week 15, if interested, and answer this blog or e-mail:






MKMMA Week 15

Things are beginning to come together a little more now and it feels great.  The Franklin Makeover check sheet is a wonderful way for us to be aware of and tabulate our actions during the day.  My Virtue for the week was Taking Initiative and it was really nice to see that I showed initiative considerably more than I thought I normally do but still less than I would like to.

I have known for many years that I have a hard time getting anything started but once I have begun I do good work and complete the task.  For instance I have trouble picking up the phone and calling prospects so I have to make myself do that.  Then I relive that yo-yo behavior that causes me to stop and start multiple times.  But yet I have continued on the path to earn higher degrees or gotten promotions anywhere I’ve worked and striven to be the best at what I do.   I am hoping that the MKMMA has that covered with our master mind which I am very much looking forward to and expect would hold me accountable.

I am open to any alliances with 3 to 6 people who would also like to organize a Master Mind Group to touch base with one another every day, or two or three.   I promise not to attempt to recruit or to sell you anything.  I am open to doing this as a group or individually with each one.  Contact me through this blog if you like the idea or e-mail me at :

I absolutely love writing the gratitude cards and the accomplishment cards as well.  I’ve accomplished a lot without even thinking about it but when I have not had someone to answer to, I couldn’t seem to get off the ground the way I would like to.  If I am The Light of The World then why I been afraid to succeed?  Giddy Up!!!!!

I think that this workshop becomes more exciting each week.

MKMMA Week 14

Blessings to everyone throughout the Holiday Season and Always.

I only found three of the recommended films that were suggested to us.  “Finding Joe”, “Door to Door” and “October Sky”.  I could not find any of them on Net Flex but I ran across these on the Net and they were all free.  Great show of persistence in them and I particularly enjoyed the documentary about Joseph Campbell and William Macy was terrific in “Door to Door”.

The family and I had a wonderful Holiday and because I’m not into the whole gift giving and traveling to see the extended family, we did what they like to do each year and I drove and participated “joyfully” again in gift giving and visiting the extended family.  That is the least I can do to show and share my love.

My subby gave me a bit of a rough start though.  I had a three hour drive and because of traffic, we arrived at my son’s house about 10 minutes before I expected a live MKMMA webinar to begin on Friday.  I was ready, with copy paper, headphones, and the OK from the family only to discover my first prerecorded lesson.  Needless to say I spent about 15 minutes searching for the live broadcast before RELIEF began to set in, at not being late to class.  Isn’t life beginning to work out Great for us now that we are half way into the program?  OK, I was a little nervous and uptight but nothing like I have been known to be in the past when things did not work the way I had planned.  It was just another example of why we should not assume and remain open to everything.

I was totally moved by the message this week, which was that we and the Father are One.

Alright, I can accept that I am like a single drop of water compared to God being like an entire ocean.  To me that is a very generous description of my size and place in the universe.  I was overjoyed to hear this again and have the science behind this wonderful Truth explained, as well.   Things are beginning to get really good now Brothers and Sisters!

MKMMA Week 13

Twas the week before Christmas and I have been reading and re-reading all of my assignments and enjoying having a little extra time to really concentrate on everything that has already happened to me and the wonderful changes I know are about to come over me.   I have especially enjoyed the slides and my notes from lesson #12 and this lesson (#13) which seem to be a turning point for us.

I’ve considered not holding on to Persistence to be one of my negative traits for some years and now, even though I have accomplished much, I knew that I had much more in me.  Now I see that it was my addiction to particular (negative) peptides.  The metaphors presented by our guest speakers this week were perfect and made me question how much more I really can believe, become and do.  The exercises that Mark and The Fab Davene have put us through already make me think that the only limits to what I can still do are self-imposed.  Quitting isn’t an option!  Either I OWN IT or not!  It is already in me.   When I was younger I would challenge myself to do something difficult just to prove to myself that I could do it.  Now I don’t dare become an ignominious failure. Allow the old blueprint to win?  Refuse the call?  Reject my higher self?  That just isn’t who I am, either to myself or those who know me.

Others have blogged about how the Universe seems to act in ways which benefits us without an apparent cause or explanation.  I am seeing it happen to me as well.

I had been having an issue with my thinking reverting back to negative thoughts about someone who is very close to me.  My attempts to help them have gone for naught.  What a blessing these blog posts have become because The Beautiful Becca’s husband James gave me his take on it which helped me considerably.  Without the darkness we could not have or enjoy the beautiful stars and he advised me to keep them in love but out at the periphery of my awareness.   Then Sunday night as I was flipping through the channels on my TV, I saw that Pastor Joel Osteen from Houston was just coming on.  I had not seen his program for at least a year or more but I heard myself saying (my inner voice) that there must be a reason I noticed this program out of the hundreds I had flipped through.  His sermon was directed to me!  He gave many emotional examples of people from the Bible and people he personally knew who had experienced simular type of pain.  The bottom line was for me to…”Drop It, Leave It and Move On”.  There are things that we understand and those we are not yet ready to understand.  I must do the exercises, Believe, Focus, Keep my eye on the prize.  Ah……MY DMP.

So we are getting to where the rubber meets the road.  For me that is making calls, speaking to people, and follow up.  Thanks to Mark we learned and hopefully will spend more time perfecting our own NARC in order to learn to love making calls.  “Bring it on, I’m ready.”   Yes, I loved that TV show called “Total Makeover”, because the participants were put through a total program to create the change they wanted and needed.  I had always wondered why the other shows that just did makeup, hair and wardrobe did not complete the job.  The long term physical workouts to reshape the body and cosmetic surgery and counseling was really great and necessary, so it made me wonder why the show went off the air.  Probably our short term attention span.

Apparently our achievement and gratitude cards have something to do with our next step in this Hero’s Journey and I can hardly wait.  I have loved writing out my cards and see that I have accomplished much, many of which I had long forgotten and already have many, many things to be grateful for.

One step at a time and a few minutes spent each day is a small price to pay for me to replace the quitting habit with the winning habit.  I get what I give.